Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunday Drive through PoCo (Port Coquitlam)

Ah, I believe spring has sprung here on the west coast. I say with fingers crossed. Crocuses are out and there have even been dandelion sightings. Robins are back in full force darting across lawns doing Robin things. 
We took a Sunday drive to enjoy the sun. We even removed the roof over our seats in the Sidekick.
We didn't really have a destination in mind but one that would get us closer to the mountains and away from the city.
We crisscrossed through Port Coquitlam looking for 'the view' to beat all views. Well, here are a few views  we captured along the way.

Looking down the Fraser River.

Hazy depth of field.

Business as usual on the river.

Decommissioned rails.

Looking at Mt. Baker.

Mount Baker (300mm telephoto)

Layer after layer of mountains.

Port Coquitlam City Hall.

A couple of extra passengers.

New Westminster's Queen's Park from a different angle.

Celestial visual effect? No.
Just a reflection of the dash in the passenger door window.

So, as the weather continues to improve, I'm hoping we get more chances to take our Sunday drives again. (work permitting.....) We'll also have to see what the gas prices are like when we want to venture out.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Foggy Fall Morning

If this area of BC does anything right, it's that it sure knows how to be foggy. When it rolls in it can stay for days. There are pockets of fog so thick you can barely make things out ten feet away and ten minutes later, come around a stand of trees and you're squinting into blinding sunlight. You dip back into a raveen and it's like you're stepping into the mists blanketing Brigadoon. I love the fog.


Well we're already two months into a new year. Time has wings! And I thought I'd gather up a random snippet of images from December to February all in one post. [oops, they are a little out of chronological order]

My Lodge Dutch Oven getting ready to bake bread for the first time. 

The results. 

The stove the magic happened in. 

Out of sequence. My attempt at decorating for the Season. 

It's still vibrant in mid February. 

From Curios and Cunundrums. Birthday gift.

A slight omen of what was to come. 

The Alex. 

The SS Minnow? 

I'm on track. 
The boy just hanging out with mom. 

A new snow front has just rolled into the area and the newly disguised landscape is beckoning. I'm hoping to have a winter wonderland to post next.....

Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's been a long time.

Wow! It's been over a year?!? My poor ignored camera. I am going to blame a non-existent work|life balance. But I dusted off my poor forgotten NIKON finally and took it along on our latest Sunday drive.

It's fall here now and for what changes in colour we get here on the west coast, we thought we should go and find any that was still clinging to the trees.

I have started using Photoshop Elements - Photoshop is just too crazy expensive to keep renewing it every year. I'm keeping an open mind on Element's abilities and limitations. These images are my first edited in Photoshop Elements......

Don't know if or when the next outing will be but the seasons are changing rapidly and I'm thinking the next post will contain -dare I say it- snow.......we'll see.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Front Street Parkade Redevelopment

A section of the Front Street parkade is gone from Begbie to East Columbia to make room for a new development known as the Front Street Mews.
The idea was put into place to reconnect the people of New Westminster with the Fraser River by improving access to the waterfront, esplanade and Westminster Pier Park. The mews when completed will have street parking, wider sidewalks for pedestrians and 'beautification' landscaping.
Front street is usually teeming with huge lumbering commercial vehicles 24/7 but ever since the street has been shut down for the redevelopment project, it is like a ghost town down there. We drove off the paved part of Front street onto the stripped section that will eventually be resurfaced and wandered around under the amazing girders and trusses and all the amazing concrete and steel above our heads.
The one sad thing of all this was seeing the shape our not-long-for-this-world Pattullo bridge proudly spanning the Fraser in such neglect. She's a pretty little bridge that doesn't deserve the end she's facing. But that's another rant for another day I suppose. 
For now, pictures along and above Front Street - absent of belching semis on a sunny serene Sunday.

Not related but fun - went through the car wash.
Front street heading out of New West.
Last standing business right on the waterfront.
Front street with mountains in the background. 
Facing into New West under one of the train bridges.
Possibly the only remaining part of the old New Westminster Cannery.
Feats of engineering that holds the weight of endless trains.
If  you can get to it, you can tag it.
Part of what keeps the bridge up there.
A chaos of metal and rivets.

Lush hillside vegetation watching over the river.
One of many shots from under the train bridge
The old and the new.
Rosie the Riveter would be impressed.
Our beautiful Pattullo bridge.

Train bridge. Pattullo bridge. Skytrain bridge.
CN rumbling along the train bridge right over our heads.
She's still a beauty despite the neglect!
And they're tearing this beautiful piece of history down. Fools!!!

Looking forward to see the transformation of that area down there. They say there'll be easier access to the waterfront once they're done with everything, but how do you ignore the rolling industry roaring out to the highway just a sidewalk's depth away from you. We shall see.